New Patients

Preventive Methods

Tooth Decay

New cavities can be prevented or reduced. Our office utilizes a four step program


The Four Step Treatment Program

  • Remove germs causing decay. Fill and seal teeth
  • Use anti-bacterial rinses to reduce new germs
  • Prevent new cavities with prescription topical fluorides
  • Practice effective home oral hygiene

Gum Disease

Untreated periodontal (gum) disease can increase your risk of heart disease four fold.

80% of adults are unaware that they have some form of gum infection.

Gum disease can cause tooth loss.

Bleeding or reducing gums, bad breath or bad taste are early signs of periodontal disease.



The Three Step Treatment Program

  • Early diagnosis
  • Prompt treatment
  • Continuing prevention

Early treatment of cavities and gum disease saves teeth and can prolong your life.