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Latest Treatment Advances

Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are changing treatment methods with more comfortable and precise dental care. There is more rapid healing with little post-treatment discomfort.

The laser light beam seals blood vessels and nerve endings allowing gum tissue treatment without bleeding and pain. Many laser treatments do not require use of a local anesthetic.


High Definition Digital X-rays

This new, safer technology markedly reduces radiation exposure and is available to all our patients.

This advanced system allows us to display your digital x-ray images almost instantly on a computer screen without the delay of film processing in a darkroom. This eliminates the need to use toxic chemicals which helps to protect the environment.

Digital X-Rays use 80 to 90 percent less radiation than conventional x-rays. Thus the possible harm and hazard from dental x-rays have all but been eliminated.

HD Color Smile Images
Color Clinical Chart

Seeing What We See

"We use an advanced computer system integrated with digital intra-oral pictures and safer digital x-rays which allows you to view areas of concern. Seeing what we see enables you to make more informed decisions about your dental health choices."